Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Devotional Thought: Being Untied On the Sabbath

In my reading today, I read through Luke 13. One story struck me, which had Jesus on the Sabbath heal a woman who was hunched over. Of coarse he was chastised for this. His response was in the form of a question of sorts. He really asks what the purpose of the Sabbath is. He phrases it like this, "Shouldn't she be untied from this bondage on the Sabbath?" The answer, of coarse is "yes." In reflecting on this, should this not really be the purpose of our day of worship? Church should not just be about good music or good preaching. While these things are nice, the real purpose is about connecting with Jesus in such a way that we are untied from the things that bind us.

I hope we do more than just entertain in The Vine. I think we do, but sometimes it is hard to tell. I do hope I see people moving to the place where they take Jesus more seriously. Where we can come and worship together and poor our hearts out and allow God's spirit to change us. I think it would be more amazing to see 200 sold out followers of Jesus than 400 people coming to be entertained, but it would be best to see 400 sold out followers of Jesus. My prayer is that God would make it happen, even if he has to use me to do it.

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