Monday, October 24, 2005

Oct 24, 2005
Jill’s Surprise Task
Mark 1:1-20

In the book The Silver Chair, Jill (Pole) and Eustace (Scrubb) find themselves in Narnia. It is Jill’s first visit and she sees herself face to face with Aslan. Then he gives her a task.

“Please, what task, Sit?” said Jill.

“The task for which I have called you and him out of your world.”

This puzzled Jill very much. “It’s mistaken me for someone else,” she thought. She didn’t dare to tell the Lion this, though she felt things would get into a dreadful muddle unless she did.

“Speak your thought, Human Child,’ said the Lion.

“I was wondering- I mean- could there be some mistake? Because nobody called me and Scrubb you know. It was we who asked to come here. Scrubb said we were to call to- Someone- it was a name I wouldn’t know- and perhaps the Somebody would let us in. And we did, and then we found the door open.”

“You would not have called me unless I had been calling to you,” said the Lion. “Then you are the Somebody, sir?” said Jill. ‘I am. And now hear your task.”

The story of Jill’s encounter with Aslan reminds me Jesus’ encounter with the disciples. Jesus meets some fishermen and he calls out, “Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people.” When Jesus calls us, he gives us a job to do. I truly believe God has a purpose for each person and when we respond to God’s call, we begin working with him to fulfill that purpose. I hope we will all be ready to hear our task.

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