Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October 5, 2005
"In God We Trust"
Isaiah 44:9-20
As I was reading through Isaiah, I was reminded of some words by
Thomas a Kempis in The Imitation of Christ. He says, "Whatever I can desire or imagine for my comfort, I do not look for it here, but hereafter. For even if I alone could have all the comforts of the world and enjoy its delights, it is certain that they could not long endure. Therefore, O my soul, you cannot be fully comforted or have perfect refreshment except in God, the comforter of the poor and patron of the humble."

In Isaiah 44, Isaiah confronts Israel because they are relying on idols instead of God for their help. Remember, the people are in exile and God is telling the people through Isaiah that God plans on brining the Jewish people back home. Apparently, Israel has been turning to idols instead of trusting in God because in several places ( Isaiah 41:21-24, 44:6-20, 46:1-2, 5-7, 47:12-14, and 48:5) Isaiah compares the one true God of Israel to the idols Israel has been turning to . He goes into great detail about how idols are made and fastened together. An idol does not know the future nor can it help in a time of need. After all, it is just a block of wood. Isaiah pleads with the people to put their trust in the one true God.

If we are honest with ourselves we may have to admit that there are times when we turn to idols for our help and comfort in times of distress. They may not be made of wood and we may not call them gods, be we use them in our times of need for comfort. We say things like, “If I just had more money then I could make it.” Sometimes we turn to the god of alcohol or we become a workaholic to find our comfort. Oftentimes we turn to our relationships and make them into a god. Thomas a Kempis reminds us that nothing in this world will endure; rather we find our refreshment in God. Even our money reminds us that, “In God We Trust.”

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